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Come and live the Make Peace Bakery’s experience by discovering our products!

Everyday, our team is very hard working to produce the best products. We are glad to permit to the Enchanted Farm guests to discover the Make Peace Bakery environment and products.

A day at the Make Peace Bakery

Our day at ther Make Peace Bakery starts early for our baker to be ready for our first guests. Located in the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, most of our partners are used to go early to work and what’s better than a pan de chocolate just cooked to start your day ?

Later in the day, the team grows with the arriving of Joan and Liezl just come back from the school. They substitute our bakers who can take a rest before a new day !

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Did you know ?

Learn more about pan de chocolate

There are two legends about its creation.
First is the story reporting that the Turks invented the croissant during the siege of Istanbul in the 16th century.
A second legend came from Vienna in Austria. In order to celebrate the defeat of the Turkish army at the siege of the Austrian capital in 1683, the Viennese bakers came up with a brioche in the shape of a crescent to take a bite out of them!
Towards the end of the 19th century, French bakers replaced the brioche dough with a puff pastry. By not changing the particular crescent shape of the croissant, this transformation inevitably altered its taste. The new croissant was a huge success and has remained until now a typical French indulgence. Back then, the French bakers made the French croissant in different shapes and fillings, for example the croissant au beurre.
Come to the Make Peace Bakery to discover our version of the chocolate croissant !