Founded by Yok and Angie, the team of The Make Peace Bakery is based on happiness, passion for each other, baking and ending poverty. Lando, Jayson, David and Jek-Jek are hard working to bake each day the best products. Johanne and Liezl support them to sell it.

Our Founders

Yok & Angie

Yok and Angie are the founders and entrepreneurs of The Make Peace Bakery, with their son Pio. Their passion for each other, baking, and ending poverty has enabled them to establish The Make Peace Bakery, and provide an avenue for youths of humble background.

Our Youth Bakers


Rolando Dela Cruz is 22 years old and lives in Pandi Bulacan. He is one of the pioneer graduates of SEED School of Gawad Kalinga. “Lando” dreams of becoming a seaman,a baker and an entrepreneur.


Jayson is 23 years old and lives in the farm. Jayson came from a poor family and used to hunt frogs and sell wood in his neighborhood. He now dreams of becoming a baker and is grateful of the family environment Yok and Angie provide.


David Jumadiao is 18 years old and used to be an out of school youth. Now that he is earning from the bakery work, he can share his finances to help his family in their daily expenses.

Jek Jek

Jekjek Bungag is 16 years old and loves to play basketball. He used to be an out of school youth prior joining The Make Peace Bakery
training program. He is now completing requirements for the Alternative Learning Systems.


Rancel Garciai is 16 years old and a senior high school student in Bulacan. He seems of becoming a radio DJ and owning a franchise of
The Make Peace Bakery.

Joan and Liezl

Jisel Ador and Joan Ador are twins and senior high school students in Bulacan. They work in the weekends at the bakery and use their earnings to suffice their expenses at school.

Our International Interns


Marine Dela Sayette, is a graduate of Imperial College in London. She loves to work at the finances and marketing of the bakery. Marine is now living in France and pursuing her career in social entrepreneurship.

Hannah and Paul

Hannah and Paul are college students from Australia, they helped in marketing and social media of The Make Peace Bakery.


Claire Magne, an intern from Paul Bocuse Foundation in France. She is in charge of the official website of The Make Peace Bakery together with Remi, an I.T. expert from France.