Our immersion program

Part of the mission of Gawad Kalinga is to close the gap between the rich and the poor in the Philippines. The Make Peace Bakery works in that direction with its immersion program.

We believe the gap between rich and poor is still huge in the Philippines, but that we need everyone in our fight to eradicate poverty. The rich have many things to learn from the genius of the poor. Our team can learn lots and has learned a ton already from our guests.

More and more Filipinos are eager to know more about the origin of their food. With an immersion program at the bakery, they can learn lots about good baking practices and our organic ingredients.

What is the immersion program about?

We welcome guests from all over the Philippines for a unique experience in our bakery for a 1-day immersion program. Part of the experience is to spend time with our talented bakers, work with them, learn from them about what they do best: baking!

Spending time with our team is also part of what Gawad Kalinga calls “the power of presence”. It is all about spending real quality time with people, while exchanging, learning about one another, and having fun together.

How can I join an immersion program?

Feel free to contact us through our website to book your immersion program. Since you will be joining the daily activities of the bakery, our programs are available everyday! Yet, we only accept small groups. We want to make sure that anyone will be able to get involved, and to spend quality time with our team members.

You can also visit the GK Enchanted Farm Facebook page to book a tour of the farm. On top of spending time at the bakery, you will also get a chance to discover our other social enterprises, the SEED university, and maybe to meet Tony Meloto himself!