We are located in GK Enchanted Farm !

GK Enchanted Farm is also called the Silicon Valley of social entrepreneurship.

The GK Enchanted Farm is Gawad Kalinga’s platform to raise social entrepreneurs. It helps local farmers and creates wealth in the countryside. The road out of poverty is a continuing journey and so, providing homes is merely the beginning. Our country is abundant with resources (land included) that we can harness for every Filipino to continuously lead a life with dignity.

They envision the Enchanted Farm to be three things:

  • A Farm Village University
  • A Silicon Valley for Social Entrepreneurship
  • A Disneyland for Social Tourism

The Enchanted Farm takes part of the Gawad Kalinga big adventure launched by Tony Meloto.

“It’s been an awesome adventure since I plunged into the slums of Bagong Silang in 1995 to discover for myself the sad reality that my country is poor because we keep leaving the poor behind.

Since then solidarity with the poor has been the joy of my life and I am deeply grateful to my wife and children for accepting my bigger definition of family that includes the poor, who oftentimes deserve the bigger share of my time because they have less in life.” — GK Father & Founder Tony Meloto


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